Rachel Thomas is an advocate who will stand in the trenches with you, 
and counsel you through trying times.

The Law Office of Rachel Thomas

Whether you find yourself wanting to end your marriage but unsure of your rights (i.e. will I be entitled to alimony or will my spouse be able to take all of my assets?), wanting to revisit a custody arrangement that just isn’t working, ready to get married but concerned that you need a pre-nuptial agreement, or if you are a business owner experiencing an issue with a contract or commercial lease—most people reading this have something in common: you are likely anxious and unsure about what is next.

You need an advocate who will stand in the trenches with you, counsel you through trying times, who cares as much about your case as you do, and who has the competence, confidence, and experience to formulate and execute the wisest litigation strategy possible.

Ready to be your advocate

Rachel Thomas is ready to be your advocate.  She knows when to fight and knows when to negotiate—and more importantly, she knows how to do both successfully.   She has amassed a broad range of experience that includes:

  • Handling a caseload comprised of 85% family law matters (including divorce, post-divorce, custody, child support, appeals, and prenuptial agreements) in Davidson and Williamson Counties and the surrounding Middle Tennessee counties;
  • Years of courtroom litigation experience, including trying many jury and non-jury cases;
  • Research and writing experience as both a family law attorney and commercial litigator;
  • Appearing in either state or federal court as counsel of record in matters involving music superstars, music executives, health care executives, and large, publicly-traded corporations.

Rachel Thomas


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