Great Experience

Truly a phenomenal experience! Delivered above and beyond our expectations. She was personable, open and honest, and easy to contact with any questions and/or concerns. More than anything, Rachel made the process and situation as stress free as is possible. We couldn’t be more grateful for our experience with her.  D.M.

Rachel Thomas comes highly recommend!

Ms. Thomas is the most organized and competent attorney I have worked with. She won a difficult case for me based on her knowledge of the law and passion for my case. I would recommend her over any “high profile” attorneys based on past experiences and because she is highly respected among her peers. Ms. Thomas is educated, passionate and highly effective in her cases.  L.T.

Excellent Attorney – I highly recommend

If you are in need of a family law attorney, or an attorney in general, I highly recommend Rachel Thomas. When I needed an attorney to help me with a child support case, I interviewed a few attorneys and ultimately decided to hire Ms. Thomas. Having never hired an attorney before, I didn’t know what to expect going into the consultations but when I met with Ms. Thomas I immediately felt at ease. She was very professional and very thorough, but still pleasant and comforting. She helped me to understand the ins and outs of my case and what my options were along with what she felt was the best course of action. Upon hiring Ms. Thomas, she immediately got to work on my case and kept me informed on what was happening all along the way.

I was extremely impressed by the fact that she always made me feel like I was a part of the process through her willingness to answer any questions I may have had and by allowing me to voice my opinion on matters involving my case. Even more impressive was the personal attention she gave – never once did I feel like she was too busy or unavailable. I always dealt directly with Ms. Thomas from the beginning to the end. Prior to going to court she made sure I knew what to expect going into the court room and after we left with a verdict in my favor, she followed up with me to finalize the details of my case. I would absolutely hire Ms. Thomas again.  M.D.